Uploading your Render

Before you upload a render, make sure that you've followed the steps in project setup.

Upload page


In most cases we can auto-detect your settings for you.

The settings you can change are:

  • Render Name: A friendly name that'll be shown in the dashboard. You can rename your render later in the dashboard.
  • Start Frame & End Frame: Overwrites the Blender start and end settings.
  • Version: The Blender version to render with. Note: older versions of Blender do not support the latest GPUs - always use a recent version where possible.
  • Image Format: The file format each frame will be saved as.
  • GPU Enabled: If your render uses a feature that doesn't support GPU rendering, disable this option. Otherwise leave it enabled. You can change this setting later in the dashboard.

Upload settings

You can click Save & Start before the upload has finished to start the render as soon as it's ready.